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Torno de altura 1000 QK1313 tubulação máquina de rosqueamento cnc & manual torno

Informação básica

Modelo: QK1313

Descrição do produto


Size of the lathe

Length 2953mm

Width 1480mm

Height 1550mm

Weight 4300kg

Main specification

Max. swing diameter over bed 630mm

Max. outer diameter of the pipe 126mm

Max. length of work piece bar material 2000mm

Max taper 1:4


Spindle bore 130mm

Number of spindle speed 18

Speed range of spindle 12-640r/min


Feeding system

Number of vertical horizontal feeding load 18

Range of feeding load when turret change

Number of metric thread 30

Horizontal 0.04-0.65mm

Number of inch thread 27

vertical 0.1-1.46mm

Range of the metric thread 1~30

Range of the inch thread 28~1/27kinds

Speed of saddle vertical moving 2.5m/min

Stroke of the vertical saddle when hand wheel of the carriage moves a unit 0.20mm

Carrier tool


Max stroke of min turret 210mm

Size of the tool 30×30mm

Rotation angle of turret turn plate ±90°


Stroke of the turret when the min turret moves a unit of the turn plate0.05mm

Stock of the turret when the bottom slide moves a unit 0.1mm

Vertical distance from center line of the spindle to the turret reference for installation 33mm


Diameter of center tailstock quill 100mm

Stock of center tailstock quill250mm

Taper of center quill Morse 6

Horizontal moving stock of the quill ±15mm

Taper of center Morse 6

Motor parts

Belt of gear pump 1-A800

Speed motor 2A0S5632 0.37KW 2700r/min

Belt of main motor B1854

Clamping motor 1.5KW2860r/min

Gear pump CB-B6 2.5Mpa 1450r/min

Main motor 7.5KW 1460r/min


1, We set up TRB (tapered rolling bearings) on this lathe to increase the rigidity of the spindle.

2, The spindle bore is very large and set up double chucks both front and back and you can choose electric chucks as you like.

3, The surface of the slide rail of the bed is treated by the super audio quench, which can be endurable and wear-resisting. The slide rail f saddle is treated by wear-resisting layer coated, to avoid the crawling.

4, The width of the bed increased to 600mm, to increase the rigidity and strength of the base and can cut material which is strong and heavy.

5, There are two types of speed change: Manual and step less.

6, Set up self lubrication system, and easy to maintain.

7, CNC system can be chosen as you like.

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Grupo de Produto : Máquina de rosqueamento de tubos CNC

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